Heating, Cooling, & Electrical
services in Lyon County, KY

When you're in Lyon County, KY, and need unparalleled heating, cooling, and electrical services, look no further than Mac's Heating, Cooling, & Electric Inc. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we've been the backbone of countless homes and businesses, ensuring they remain comfortable, safe, and efficient. Our team of seasoned professionals utilizes cutting-edge tools and methods, ensuring every service, be it a simple repair or a complete installation, is executed to perfection. Your comfort is our priority, and in Lyon County, Mac's is the name synonymous with trust and quality.



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Heating Services -

Lyon County's cold winters demand a heating system that's both efficient and reliable. At Mac's, we ensure that your heating systems not only combat the chill effectively but also operate optimally, ensuring energy efficiency. Our comprehensive suite of heating services ensures that no matter the challenge, we've got the solution. We diagnose with precision and repair with expertise, ensuring your heating system is back to warming your spaces in no time. Our installations are seamless, quick, and tailored to your specific needs. We specialize in servicing Hardy Heaters as well other services, and are a parts dealer for the Hardy Heater products.

Heating Repairs

Nothing disrupts a cozy winter evening like a malfunctioning heater. Our team is always ready to address any issues your system might face, from minor glitches to significant breakdowns.

Heating Installs

When you're finally ready to upgrade your heating system to a new unit, you've come to the right place. Heat system installations are our specialty.

Heating Maintenance

Our routine check-ups encompass a thorough inspection, cleaning, and tuning of your system, ensuring it's ready to face Lyon County's winters head-on, year after year.











Cooling Services -

Lyon County may have its share of chilly winters, but we're no stranger to warm summers either. Mac's Heating, Cooling, & Electric Inc is here to make sure your summers are as comfortable as your winters. Offering a broad range of cooling services, we ensure that your spaces remain a sanctuary from the heat. With a blend of technical expertise and customer-centric service, we stand out as the premier choice for cooling solutions in Lyon County. With Macs by your side, stay cool and worry-free throughout the summer.

Cooling Repairs

The sweltering heat is less intimidating when you know your cooling system is in peak condition. If you ever face issues with your air conditioner or cooling system, Mac's is just a call away.

Cooling Installs

A powerful, efficient air conditioner is crucial for those hot Lyon County summers. Whether you're looking for a brand-new installation or planning to upgrade your existing unit, Mac is the name to trust.

Cooling Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular maintenance of your cooling system can prevent potential issues, optimize performance, and extend its lifespan.









Electrical Services -

At Mac's Heating, Cooling, & Electric Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering world-class electrical solutions tailored to the unique needs of Lyon County residents. Understanding that every electrical system serves as the lifeblood of a home or office, we've meticulously crafted our services to ensure maximum efficiency, safety, and longevity. Our extensive experience combined with the latest industry practices ensures that your electrical needs are met with precision and care. Trust Mac's team to keep your electrical system in peak condition, minimizing the risk of unexpected disruptions. We can also install a whole-house standby generator to keep your house lit during power outages and bad storms. Our generators are safe and top quality and always go the extra mile when you need them the most.

Electrical Repairs

From the simplest of hitches to the most complex electrical challenges, our team of certified electricians stands ready to restore functionality and peace of mind.

Electrical Installs

We also specialize in electrical installation services. So, if you have a need for new electrical installs, look no further; we've got you covered. Give us a call today.

Electrical Maintenance

Our comprehensive maintenance program is designed to proactively identify potential issues, optimize performance, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.


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